I noticed how many Masterposts there are on Tumblr so I compelled some of them along with some of my favorite links into one post. I will update when I find new links! It took me awhile to put all these links in one place so I hope you find it useful!
Life Hacks and Tutorials:
Life Hack Masterpost
Interesting facts and hacks
Tips and Tricks
Adult cheat sheet
Photoshop Tutorials
How to make maps
More Tutorials 
How to code and make transparent pics
How to download audio posts from Tumblr
Drawing Tutorials
Life Hackable
List of life hacks blog
Life Hacks 24/7 blog
Suriving Nature
Writing References Masterpost
Tools and Reference Masterpost
School and College survival guide
Academic writing resources
Writing support along with manuscript editor
Potraying Characters Masterpost
Panic and Anxiety Masterpost
Guaranteed to make you feel better
Pay professors to write your essays
Things you should know
Weight loss tips
College advice
Resources Master List
Download free music here    Also here
Find any reaction gif
Mostly all the Supernatural Gifs
Download any video with a link
Make your sentences sound smarter
Create free logos
Find answers to any math question
Find a broken url
Convert literally any file
A free database of downloadable sound effects
Online Novel writing program
Best photo editor on the internet
Find out who isnt following you back on Tumblr
How to make layered gifs
Game screen recorder (download)
Adobe Photoshop Cs2 completely free

Amazing free gif making program
A shitload of movies 
A shitload of TV shows
My fat diary Masterpost
Pushing daisies Masterpost
Hollywood Classics
Christmas films/TV Specials
Horror movie Masterpost
Don’t know what to watch?
A shitload of books
Hobbies Masterpost
Language Sites + This one
Bored Masterpost
To much free time? Masterpost

Psychology Game
Cube field
Happy Wheels 
Whack your boss (good game for blowing off steam)
Take and create online quizzes
Funny band interviews
Destiel fanfic recs  and Johnlock 
Ultra Facts